19 April 2010

keep my heart

i am yours,
you are mine.
& forever i will pray,
have your way

10 April 2010

oh me of little faith

God is not in love
with some future
version of you

04 April 2010

i can't bow low enough

I want to be broken.
I want to hear a message that leaves me desperate for change in my ordinary suburban life.
I want to be weakened and to rely on nothing but the strength that comes from Christ.
I want to find a landscape that mirrors no one but its Creator.
I want to feel useless and helpless, realizing that how God uses me is beyond my control.
I want to really give a worry up to the Lord, and refuse to let it tamper with my mind again.
I want to love taking out a lotta bit of hard-earned money and dropping it in the offering box.
I want to radiate.
I want to learn to live intentionally.
I want to trade in my reputation for a new one.
I want to accept more than I judge.
I want to be stripped of my pride.
I want to feel like I am nothing more than a daughter of my Father's.
I want to fully understand that I was bought at a high price.
I want to pray with confidence.
I want to not be able to contain my excitement of the things He's doing.
I want to know the right words to say.
I want to recognize God's handwriting.
I want to see what God could do with a camera, paintbrush, and pencil.
I want to know His favorite color.
I want to be set free.