29 March 2010


8:30 A.M. Tuesday, March 30, 2010:


22 March 2010


"Where were you when I layed the earth's foundations?
Tell me, if you know and understand.
Who fixed its dimensions? Surely you know!
Who stretched a measuring line over it?
On what do its supporting pillars rest?
Who set is cornerstone in place,
while the morning stars sang in chorus
and the sons of God all shouted for joy?
Can you command the clouds
to envelop you in a deluge of rain?
If you bid lightning speed on its way, will it say to you "I am ready"?
Who put wisdom in depths of darkness
and veiled understanding in secrecy?
Who is wise enough to marshal the rain clouds
and empty the cisterns of heaven,
when the dusty soil sets in a dense mass,
and the clods of the earth stick fast together?
Do you give the horse its strength?
Have you clothed his neck with a mane?
Do you make him quiver like a locust's wings
when his shrill neighing strikes terror?...
Does your skill teach the hawk to use its pinions
and spread its wings towards the south?
Do you instruct the eagle to soar aloft
and build its nest high up?
Is it for a man who disputes with the Almighty to be stubborn?
Should he who argues with God answer back?"

10 March 2010

sunny weather

"Pure and lasting religion in sight of the
Lord our God means that we must care for
orphans and widows in their troubles and
refuse to let the world corrupt us." james1:27

We pass by them like they're a statue made simply out of stone, not a living breathing struggling human being trying to talk with another. We avoid eye contact like an awkward conversation, when looking into the eyes of anyone could prove that maybe somebody cares. We change sides of the street, pretending to have an interest in some high end store just to steer clear of their beggar hat sitting in the middle of the opposite sidewalk. We don't stop because we don't have enough time, we're better, we're clean, & we're afraid. We don't stop because of ourselves.
Take notice.
They play music to be noticed.
They shout to be noticed.
They poke and shove to be noticed.
After thousands of people walking by everyday with only 4 or 5 even acknowledging their existance, they start to feel worthless.
It would take acknowledgement. A simple "hello." Something to prove to them that they're valued, they're not worthless, and they're loved by the Creator of the universe, the Almighty God, the Alpha and Omega.
The very being that created each ocean and every mountain top wants to know even the poorest of the poor. Not just acknowledge, but know. Love.

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06 March 2010


i'm working
on the
forever part