24 January 2010

a little logan in my life

18 January 2010

Lift up your voice and with us sing.

I found this the other day,
and loved it.

My name means nothing.
I do not expect (nor do i want) people to bow down to me,
revere me, study me, look up to me, or anything of the sort.
Ordinarily I would want such attention or admiration
but when I can view myself correctly
for which i often do not and i sin in that),
I see myself as an infinitely minuscule, sinful enemy of God.
(Or at least that is what I was).
Now that Jesus has saved me, I am no longer warring against God
but rather participating with Him in mission.
God has taken the sinful, terrible, greedy, self serving,
self seeking, prideful, arrogant, wretch that I am
and redeemed me so that I can rightly live for Him.
If I have done something good in the world's eyes,
I implore this reader to give the glory to God.
Look up to the heavens and thank Him that
He was able to use me in some way.
I deserve the constant eternal torment of Hell
yet Jesus saved me from that.
The miraculous thing is not
that I did something worth admiring
but that Jesus pushed through my depravity
to accomplish something.
I have done nothing worth talking about.
However, Jesus has done something everyone should talk about.
It is His truth that He has entrusted to me.
Because it is His truth, i cannot lay claim to it.
I desire to preach it well so that it may give glory
to the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
If i preach heresy or lead people astray,
I pray that God would strike me dead.
I would rather die than know that i intentionally
led believers farther away from
their father than closer to Him.