23 February 2010

hey, it's just art.

we try not to let ourselves
get too far lost,
too far out,
or too far gone.
but in reality, our flawed desire
aren't limited to the boundaries
we attempt to set on them.
enticing temptations slice open
those boundaries like
a scalpel in surgery.
& before long, we've wandered
farther than we ever wanted to go,
bought more than we could ever repay,
and stayed longer than we intended.
& for that, shame appears in
dark circles under our eyes
& in the absence of conversation.
shame that can't account for the way
our hearts are broken
by our own staggering mistakes.
we're past the point of
hallmark cards and coffee dates;
it will take more than
a day off to cure this
guilty pleasure that
can't please anymore.
its getting tough,
but something out
there has what it takes.
someone out there possesses
the right set of tools to fix us.
somewhere, He has the
unwavering motivation that is
going to get our
weak, frail, pathetic
feet back into the shoes
that fit.
He possesses the power
that can get our
dirty, lonely, unworthy
hands up from our sides
& into the air,
giving no one but Him
the glory for performing
such a miracle on
such an undeserving

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